Why & What

For over 10 years, we’ve been living and traveling in Italy, searching for savory, terroir-driven wines from a kaleidoscope of grape varieties and soils. We import what we’re excited to drink: groovy daily-drinkers, farmer fizz, traditional wines, fine and natural wines, and more than a few rare bird wines.

We see ourselves in the midst of another Italian wine revolution, more poetic and widespread than the quality revolution of the 80’s. It’s a revolution where producers are truly uncovering and echoing the country’s many soils and grape varieties.

Add in Italy’s regional culinary traditions, and indeed these are tempi belli, good times, to be at the Italian table. We’re excited about getting these wines to our table – and yours.

Un caro saluto,
PortoVino Ciurma / Crew.

Some of our projects and focuses:

FUSO21: Groovy Daily-Drinkers:  We offer daily drinkers that are from growers rather than from tank farms. FUSO21 wines are a buck or two more than the industrial stuff, but we believe in quality and in economic sustainability for the grower and the land. We also believe that there are lots of folks who will pay a smidgeon more for a daily drinker with some character, e.g. Barbera from Walter Massa, or Verdicchio from Belisario instead of any-old Pinot Grigio.