About Us


Our goal is the same as when we started: to search out exceptional terroir-driven, low-intervention wines, from traditional (and sometime anarchic) Italian growers; to puzzle out the most interesting of Italy’s native varieties and soils; to  find wines that engage us intellectually, and are the first to be finished on the table.

We love many well-made natural wines and support them.

Transparency is a key value for us, and it comes from a daily and trusting relationship we have with our growers. Being in Italy helps us encourage producers to lower SO2 levels, risk fermentations with native yeasts, and work without herbicides or pesticides in the vineyard. We currently have 44 Italian producers: 14 are certified organic or biodynamic, 27 are working organically without certification, 3 are conventional (and we working on them). We keep an updated and accurate site to find this information.

Finally, we’re in it for the long game. We’re not looking to be the next sip-and-spit importer. Some of us live and raise families here, all of us have a vested interest in the land, history, people, and its wines.

Some of our projects and focuses:
FUSO21: Daily Drinkers with Cut:  We offer daily drinkers that are from growers rather than from tank farms. FUSO21 wines are a buck or two more than the industrial stuff, but we believe in quality and in economic sustainability for the grower and the land. We also believe that there are lots of folks who will pay a smidgeon more for a daily drinker with some character, e.g. Barbera from Walter Massa, or Verdicchio from Belisario instead of any-old Pinot Grigio.

Anima: Italian Craft Spirits: This is our growing portfolio. As we say in Italian the materia prima counts. We only use raw ingredients that are local and of the highest quality.

Bottle Fermented / Pet-Nat (rifermentazione in bottiglia): Maybe it’s our need for simplicity in hectic days, but we’re suckers for the wine that undergo fermentation in the bottle. And, who doesn’t like these bubbles? They match well with all kinds of food and make a damn good way to kick things off. Italy has a plethora, and we aim to get the best of category: Dolomite Colfondo Prosecco, Lambrusco from Emilia *and* Sorbara, Fortana from the Romagna part of Emilia Romagna, Schiava and Nosiola from Trentino-Alto Adige, Sidro from Valle d’Aosta in the French / Italian Alps…