Anima: Craft Spirits

Anima is our Italian craft spirits portfolio, and it’s an echo of the artisanal wine producers we import. We’re wine-lovers first and foremost, so it makes sense to us to only have this kind of terroir-driven spirits, from producers whose raw material  (materia prima) they grow or forage themselves. Our producer trek in the woods and forage Alpine herbs; they use their own vinified grapes to make the base of the vermouth; the grappa producer uses the freshest pomice – his own from nearby vineyards.

Maley Aperitivo Sidro ‘Pommerbe’ NV
Antica Casa Scarpa Vermouth Bianco
Antica Casa Scarpa Vermouth di Torino Rosso
Silvio Carta Vermouth di Vernaccia

Alice Amaro d’Erbe ‘Nina’

Distilleria Francesco Cirmolo infusione in Grappa
Distilleria Francesco Grappa di Nosiola
Distilleria Francesco Grappa di Schiava

Fruit Distillates:
Distilleria Francesco Acquavite di Ciliegie Amarene