Villa del Cigliano

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Niccolò Montecchi inherited the Villa del Cigliano estate from his grandmother Elenora Antinori (Antinori nobility, female blood line). He has managed to ‘murder and create‘ himself as a sort of contadino nobile (noble farmer) on this farm and dusty villa in the beginning of the Chianti Classico, just 15 minutes south of Florence, around the medieval town of San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

Cigliano has Roman remains, a Renaissance villa, and a valley split between 20 hectares of olive groves on one side and an equal area of vineyards on the other. It’s quite the sight, and Niccolò is quite the humble gentleman for such a holding. The soils in this northern part of Chianti Classico are mostly clay with pieces of chalk. The wines are authentically Tuscan, with just the right dash of noble rusticity.