AllaSpina is Italian for ‘on tap’, and also our project to source and keg groovy daily-drinkers directly from certified organic growers throughout Italy. No tank-farm wines!

We’re working only with certified organic producers. The wines are unfiltered, and have extremely low sulphur levels (under 40mg/l total). We’re looking for wines you’d find in a memorable trattoria or wine bar on the backroads of Italy: delicious, rustic, and reflective of the variety and soil.

We taste and follow each batch that goes into the keg. If it doesn’t get us excited, we don’t keg it. Here’s a list of what we’ve kegged so far:

AllaSpina: Tenuta Maiano Sangiovese Toscano NV [Certified Organic, 1x20L]
AllaSpina: Folicello Grechetto dell’Emilia NV [Certified Organic, 1x20L]
AllaSpina: Bellenda ‘Bolle’ NV [1x20L]
AllaSpina: Bellenda ‘Bolle Rosato’ NV [1x20L]