Casa Comerci

Pruning in the Casa Comerci vineyards Domenico Silipo and Ernest Ifkovitz a tavola Casa Comeric Dodici and 'Nduja Procession in Nicotera

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This family estate is located in the tip of the toe of Calabria in Italy’s deep south. Domenico Silipo and his sons carry on the work of Rosina Comerci, matriarch of the family in the first half of the 1900s.  If you haven’t explored Calabria, you might want to: warm (sometimes sandy) breezes from the Sahara Desert, half-abandoned villages hanging off cliffs on the sea, and lots of rugged mountains.

The family works exclusively with the native Calabrian varieties Magliocco Canino and GrecoBianco, which they farm organically on their 15 hectares (with another dozen hectares devoted to olive trees).Francesco De Franco from A’ Vita, Calabria’s most important natural wine producer, is an active part of the project. All wines ferment with indigenous yeasts, and all fermentation and aging is in stainless steel. Total annual production is 45,000 bottles. Of the three reds, Libìci is the flagship wine, Rosso ‘Rosina’ is a lighter-bodied red / darker rosato, and ‘Dodici’ is the friendly molto glu glu liter.uch, either!