Casale Certosa

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Casale Certosa is 25 kilometers south of Rome, in the volcanic Colli Albani, an area known culturally as Castelli Romani. In the 1960s, the brothers Antonio and Fausto Cosmi began restoring the existing post-medieval casale (farmhouse) and medieval certosa (Carthusian monastery). In 2000, they began bottling the wine from the surrounding eight hectares of vineyards.

Most of the 3,000 case production goes to Mamma Roma, the modern moniker Romans consign to their city. Farming is certified organic (2004) and practicing biodynamic (2011); all fermentations are with native yeasts and there’s little added sulfur or filtration. These are extremely acidic (pH 6) volcanic soils with traces of lime, magnesium, and chalk. The unique soil imprint comes through clearly with the transparent Trebbiano Giallo, lending it a compelling mineral and white flower character.

The local star here is the distinctive mineral-floral-smoky Malvasia Puntinata, a variety found only in these hills. If the Trebbiano Giallo gives the blueprint for the soil here, the Malvasia Puntinata fills in that blueprint with its own strong character. Pour yourself a glass of this 12% wine while in sitting down to a plate of the creamy and pungent pasta alla carbonara. Viva mamma roma!