Corte Sant’Alda

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Corte Sant’Alda’s owner, Marinella Camerani, is a bit of an outsider in Valpolicella. She took over her family farm in 1985 and immediately began the conversion to certified organic. Not long after, she began working biodynamically, and the vineyards are now certified by Demeter. She and her partner, Cesar, work 21 hectares of vineyards at 400 meters on red and white limestone (Scala Rossa Veneta and Biancone) in the upper reaches of the Val di Mezzane. Their aim is to produce toothsome bottlings of Soave and Valpolicella, but also fresh and savory versions of Ripasso, Amarone, and Recioto. Marinella is a a force of nature; as serious as she is about her vineyards and wines (and the cherry jam that she cans), she’s also full of wit, a straight shooter about natural wines, and not afraid of holding court with the best of the armchair prophets and naysayers in her area and beyond. She once told a group of wine professionals visiting her that she uses a technology called the sorting table, since many in the area, she explained, sorting table or not, sell out. Thankfully, she hasn’t.