Francesco Poli

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Francesco Poli’s vineyards (550 m. / 1800 ft.) can be found along the emerald-colored alpine lake of Santa Massenza, in the Trentino area of Trentino-Alto Adige. Francesco’s son Alessandro now works and oversees both the vineyards and the cantina. Alessandro works mostly with the native grape varieties of the area, the delicate and herbal red Schiava and the lithe alpine white Nosiola. With Nosiola, he vinifies a still white wine and also the traditional sweet wine Vino Santo (similar to the more well-known Vin Santo in Tuscany). Alessandro relies on native yeast fermentations, and his cellar style remains minimalist, with the precision and timing of a good cellar master.* He has always believed in organic farming, and the winery obtained organic certification in 1989.

These wines aren’t modern, stylish, edgy, or rustic. These are shy, easy-going, low alcohol, balanced wines. They’d find good homes tucked in an alpine picnic basket or in a backpack headed for Central Park.

* It’s worth noting that Poli is equally known for his detailed and delicately textured herbal infusions and various bottlings of grappa, produced on the property with a wood-burning, copper double-boiler, under the Distelleria S. Massenza label.