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Mutiliana [moo-TIL-ee-anna] is a wine producer, and the ancient name of the Apennine mountain village of Modigliana [Mo-DILL-ee-anna], located in the Romagna part of Emilia-Romagna. Modigliana is also one of Sangiovese di Romagna’s official subzones, whose high altitude, as well as marl and sandstone soils, distinguish it from the larger designation. In effect, these mountain vineyards (380-600m.) highlight Sangiovese’s bitter elegance: botanical notes intertwine with pithy fruit: eucalyptus, sage, and artemisia meeting sour cherry, blood orange, and pomegranate. Local owner Giorgio Melandri is bottling not only within one subzone, but within Modgliana’s three valleys: Acer(r)eta, Ib(b)ola, and Tramaz(z)o, teasing out further the terroir. These are engaging wines, intellectual without losing their mountain-grown spirit.

This is what Meg Houston Maker writes on Terroir wines of Mutiliana.