Nevio Scala

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Soccer fans know Nevio Scala as the player-turned-coach, who lead the underdog provincial team of Parma to become champions in the 80’s and 90’s. His son, Claudio, just three vintages in, is echoing his father’s  underdog success, with the provincial volcanic-alluvial soils of Colli Euganei. Claudio puts the local grape of Garganega as center midfielder (the same grape that you find in Soave). Ian D’Agata, in his authoritative The Native Wine Grapes of Italy, states that “Garganega is, like Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, one of Italy’s oldest and most important grapes…” Claudio picks just before the grapes are perfectly ripe, and he’s not scarred of a bit of oxygen. What results are delicate, volcanic-spicy, and refreshing wines, with a hint of oxidation adding complexity.

His easy drinking Dilétto is full of bruised peaches, sage, spicy ginger. The name of the wine comes from same etymology as our word dilettante. This is the perfect wine to drink while dabbling in all your intellectual pursuits and hobbies. I drink this while playing tennis with mixed results.

Còntame is his wine macerato sulle bucce, his orange wine. Again, Garganega’s delicate nature comes through, it’s still light bodied, but there’s a freshness that comes from the pips and skins, a phenolic meets volcanic spiciness.

Gargànte is his bottle fermented wine with crown cap closure:  stone fruits, sea salt, and Greek yogurt freshness coming from the lees. Local fried baccalà fritters anyone?

We are really excited to have these in the portfolio. Claudio and Nevio have scored a goal here together. Place these in the picnic basket for your kid’s next soccer tournament.