Alice Grower Prosecco at Chez Panisse

foto_jonathan_waters_280x400Wine & Spirits Magazine Editor and Publisher Joshua Greene recently posted this interview: Jonathan Waters of Chez Panisse on Country Wines and Zin-Drinking Hipsters. In it, Waters makes characteristically insightful observations on Cheverny, dry Furmint, Pinot Noir, Cahors, …and Prosecco (Alice Prosecco Brut ‘Doro’ is Chez Panisse’s most popular sparkling wine by the glass):

“What’s driving your Prosecco sales, the only sparkler among your top-selling wines?”

“People order sparkling more than I thought they would, and Prosecco sells twice as fast as Cava, even if it’s the same price. Maybe people think Spanish wine is less refined? But it’s not, Cava is made like Champagne. Maybe people think Cava is sweet? The Prosecco we’re selling is bone dry.

“People seem to think Prosecco will be an appropriate beginning. That’s been going on a couple of years, but at a faster pace this year. I’ve stayed with one producer for a while [Le Vigne di Alice] and I am really ordering tons of this. We have been ordering 10 cases a week, and that’s not being used for cocktails or cooking, it’s pure by-the-glass sales. That was almost on par with our house zin….”