Rare Oval Mushrooms: Ovuli (Amanita Caesarea)

I meet with my Tuscan fungaiolo and tartufaio friend Andrea this morning. I’ve been searching for freshly picked Ovuli mushrooms for months; they are now in season and scarce, mostly because lack of rain. At first blush when young, they look like eggs (uovo), hence the vulgar name. Local funghaioli call them the best of the best, creme della creme, or,  imperiali / imperial, after Julius Caesar (Caesarea).

We found some Porcini too. But, the Ovuli… Back tomorrow. If I wake up early enough, there may be black truffles. I am sure to get on my soapbox and have a diatribe against truffle oil.

We cooked the Porcini with shallots, parsley, and olio d’oliva extra vergine. The Ovuli we salt grilled on a slab of Himalayan salt.

2011 Comm. G.B. Burlotto Verduno Peleverga DOC; delicate and restrained as the Ovuli.