Fornace: New Roero Producer

As you all know, Mark has a soft place in his heart for all things, people and places Roerian. We found this producer recently, and Mark and I just looked at each other in silence after tasting his wines (always a very bad or very good sign). Sandy hills and old vines, here we come!

The producer’s’ name is Enrico Cauda; he’s a young guy from the high altitudes of Santo Stefano Roero and he’s got quite the light touch for these old vines. Look at those steep Roero cone-hills peaking. Amid old vines and mist, Enrico is making one delicious and complex Roerian elixir:

Here’s a write up from our catalog-cum-price list:

We drink lots of Roero wines, and we’re friends with quite a few producers there. But we’ve yet to taste wines more lithe and pure, with more of that famed Roero profumato nose, than those of Enrico Cauda. His family has farmed for generations and used to sell wine in damigiana. Skip forward to 2011, and Enrico decides to start bottling wine under his own label, naming it after the oldfornace, or brick kiln, on the property. Farming is strictly organic, with certification in process. The family now meticulously farms three hectares of old-vine Arneis and Nebbiolo (50-60 years old) near the village of Santo Stefano Roero. Santo Stefano is about five kilometers west of and a little higher in altitude than Canale (the main wine town of the Roero, around which are clustered many vineyards and the majority of the quality producers). Soils are classic Roero, with a high percentage of sand. Native yeast fermentations, and aging entirely in steel (including the Nebbiolo). 1250 case total production.