A Vroom! Rosato from Vigneti Massa: ‘Terra: Sic Est’


You won’t find much rosato from the Colli Tortonesi; so it is, but here’s one: Terra: Sic Est.*  It’s a wine from the terra there and from, as Walter likes to personify them, two of his five sons: Freisa and Barbera. The Freisa gives it a kick of grit and a bitter end note; Barbera, as always, brings its fresh fruit to the party. The varieties are vinified together in steel; native yeasts. So, that’s how it is, that’s the deal, what you see is what you get:  è così!

Walter likes motorcycles, and the ‘Sic’ part of the wine name is a nod and homage to the great professional motorcycle racer Marco Simoncelli, loved and known to all Italians simply as Sic (the ‘C’ pronounced like ‘Ch’ in Chess).  Sic died way too young in an motorcycle accident in 2011.

* ‘Sic Est’ from the Latin could be translated into Italian as ‘È così,’ which could mean a version of ‘That’s how it is,’ or ‘that’s how it goes,’ or ‘What you see is what you get.’