Sud: Vintage Venditti Labels and Senza Solfiti


label_antica_masseria_venditti_sannio_rosso_724x800label_antica_masseria_venditti_falanghina_assenza_724x800Venditti* is going back in time with his new (but really old) labels his grandfather once used. All wines below are now available for DI pick up. Expect our next shipment in April to ship with these.

The Falalnghina and Barbetta are now made entirely senza solfiti. Nicola Venditti is calling the wines ‘Assenza,’ meaning, not containing, or, absent of, sulfites. The resulting wines are more complex in naso than the same wines with sulphur; the acidity, in bocca, is also less aggressive and one-dimensional, due to the long malolatic fermentation (you’ll notice it especially with the Falanghina).

Venditti Sannio Rosso 2012
Venditti Sannio Bianco 2014
Venditti Falanghina ‘Assenza’ 2014
Venditti Barbetta’Assenza’ 2013

*We’re updating our site now for Venditti with all the technical (including the Slow Wine snail award for which the winery is so proud to have).