Vallarom’s 2014 vintage: profumi freschi…11.5% marzemino… 40% less…

We gave Filippo from Vallarom un colpo di telefono today. The white grapes (Pinot Bianco, Moscato Giallo, Chardonnay, etc)  are almost all picked. He’ll most likely wait another week for the reds to mature a bit more. He said the cellar has wonderful profumi freschi this year. With this year’s wacky temperatures of alternating cold and hot, the profumi are very defined and pronounced. Good news.foto_vallarom_2014rose_600x450

Bad news is that he lost 40% of the grapes. In Trentino, locals say they haven’t seen a vintage like this since phylloxera, others concede that the 1960s had a year or two like this (’64 was one).

To end on a good note, we’re waiting with baited breath to try the 2014 Marzemino. It usually rings in around 13%; this year it will be a zingy 11.0% – 11.5%. And with acid levels off the charts, this might be the year for us to start bringing in some of that delicious Pinot Nero metodo classico rosato. Stay tuned.